Colour guide

Confused about which colours to choose?

Below is a short guide to the different colours available. Don't hesitate to select several for your model!

But don't forget, the artisanal manufacturing process makes each toy unique.

Note also that certain colours, in very different shades, can influence each other and differ from their original shade.

Our standard colours are consistent. They allow us to create simple toys in vibrant colours, each with its own character. Feel free to choose several!

Our 'UV reactive' colours are fluorescent, so they will light up under UV light and look flashier than other colours. Please note, however, that they are not phosphorescent and do not glow in the dark on their own.

UV reactive colours

Metallic colours

Our metallic colours contain pigments that give them a very special effect. A sober yet flashy shine.

Our special colours all have a unique effect, adding an extra touch of fantasy to your model. Combine them for surprising results!

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