Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What kind of materials do you use to make your models?

R : We use a platinum-based catalysed silicone, which is skin compatible and tested by an independent laboratory. You will find details of the materials used here.

Q : What type of lubricant can I use with my Jack O'Toy sex toy?

R : Silicone is a relatively inert material, however, it is incompatible with silicone-based lubricants. We therefore advise you to use a water-based lubricant. Cleaning your toy can be tricky if you use other lubricants.

Q : I am interested in a model, but I don't know what size/firmness to choose, can you help me?

R : It is very important to consult the description page of the models before any purchase. For your first model, we advise you to select a model with a Soft firmness, the size being up to you. Then, a better knowledge of your body and the products will allow you to choose what suits you best. In any case, if you feel any pain when using our products, stop using them to avoid injury. Don't forget to use lubricant!

Q : Is the silicone used in your sex toys hard?

R : There are three choices of firmness. Soft, Medium or FirmFirmness is measured in shore hardness:

Firmness Shore hardness
Soft 00-30
Medium 00-50
Firm A 10

The following graph shows the position of our firmnesses on a shore hardness scale. As the thickness has a great influence on the feel, we advise you to order a sample set to get a better idea of what suits you best.

Q : Is the silicone used strong?

R : Our silicone is a strong material, with a theoretical maximum elongation of 980% before breaking. However, silicone is sensitive to tears. Do not use your sex toy if it has a tear. Also avoid putting your toy in contact with sharp objects like fingernails, blades, scissors, etc. Also, some corrosive products can damage your toy.

Q : My Jack O'Toy sex toy has a smell on it, what can I do?

R : During use or storage, it is possible that an odour will be impregnated on your toy. The best way to get rid of it is to wash your sex toy with water and mild, silicone-free soap. Once clean, leave it out in an odour-free room.

Q : I would like to clean my toy more thoroughly, what can I do?

R : We advise you to use water and soft soap, without silicone, before and after each use. However, it is possible to put your sex toy in boiling demineralised ,or distilled water for about 10 minutes. Note that the firmness of your toy may change after this treatment. Do not use your sex toy while it is still hot, beware of burns!

If you wish to share your sex toy, do not hesitate to use a condom, to be changed between each partner. In any case, clean your toy carefully.

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