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Knight Nathan Large/Soft


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What size/firmness to choose?

It is very important to consult the model description page before you buy. The ideal way to start is to select models with a firmness Soft, the size is up to you. Then, a better knowledge of your body and the products will enable you to choose what suits you best. In any case, if you feel any pain when using our products, stop using them to avoid any injury. Don't forget to use lubricant!

Is the silicone used in sex toys hard?

You have three choices of firmness, Soft, Medium or Firm.Firmness is measured in shore hardness:

Firmness Shore hardness
Soft 00-30
Medium 00-50
Firm. A 10

Thickness has a big influence on how it feels, so we recommend you to order a firmness sample to get a better idea of what suits you best.

Is the silicone used durable?

Silicone is a strong material, with a theoretical maximum elongation of 980% before breaking. However, silicone is sensitive to tears. Do not use your sex toy if it shows any tears. Also avoid putting your toy in contact with sharp objects (fingernails, blades, scissors, etc.). Similarly, certain corrosive products can damage your toy.

How do you guarantee the discretion of my order?

We ship all orders in plain boxes, with no mention of Jack O'Toy or its contents, except in the case of a compulsory customs declaration. No need to worry!

When will I receive my order?

A product "ready-made" can be dispatched within a week, a product "custom" your order can be dispatched within 3 to 5 weeks from the time it is validated. When ordering several types of item, the longest delivery time will be taken into account. The delivery time depends on the country of delivery and the type of delivery chosen. Jack O'Toy cannot be held responsible for delays caused by our carriers. Home delivery takes approximately 48 hours for a Colissimo service without a signature for France, and at least 3 days for Europe.

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